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Straight white boys must be stopped

"who’s deefizzy?"

sorry if i don’t post anything for the next few days, im on a photography trip to barcelona but i think i have wifi at the hotel! :)

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I love Damon ! Follow me for a followback! #DamonFizzy #DeeFizzy #FizzyFamily #Youtube #Peaceskies #FollowforFollow
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I’m so proud of myself!!
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let’s face it guys… we all support a giant avocado.

*none of these edits are mine - got them all from Twitter*
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Damon’s hyperactive liveshows are ridiculous
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Selfies for dayzzz 
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Im in love with his eyes 
+ Sorry I've been Inactive...


Okay so to start I just want to say that I’m super sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. It’s just that I’m in my junior year of high school and everything is overwhelming me. I’m currently taking a full semester of high school classes, which includes an AP class with the others being honors, with…

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Band Member Monday
Jordan (The Ready Set), Damon Fizzy, Taka (from One OK Rock), and Kevin
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i’m off twitter for 10 minutes and i come back and find this¿?
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Damon Fizzy
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We are stuck in this society that has all these expectations of what beauty is and we feel pressured to look a certain way and start to build this hatred for ourselves if we don’t meet those expectations. We have gotten to the point where we are not comfortable with the one thing we are stuck with…ourselves. This picture captures who I am and who I am often ashamed to show due to these standards of beauty we’ve been brainwashed to believe, but really we should be creating our own standards. Embracing who you are is a great start.